The original version of this poem was hand-written inside the cover of a book from the late 1800's. I found this 'buried treasure' and posted it (with copyright notice regarding revised edition) over a dozen years ago, to share this wonderful poem with the world.

Since that time, my searches show me that some people have shown their thanks by republishing it on the web without giving me the appropriate credit. Only I know the revisions (punctuation, words, and verse order) that I have made to modernize it. It's very easy for me to find the offenders.

(If you are the owner of a site that has this work published incorrectly, please correct it now.  Enough said... that was fair warning.)

The following links are the ONLY permitted usage of this copyrighted work. Please respect my work and use one of them when posting anywhere on the web, and please do not remove my copyright notice.

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