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Funny Doggie T-shirts
Humorous text dog T-shirts for the well dressed dog
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Thumbs/tn_bad to the bone 001.jpg
bad to the bone
Thumbs/tn_will wear shirts.jpg
will wear stupid shirts for food
Thumbs/tn_bitches love me 2.jpg
The bitches love me
Thumbs/tn_bite hairy butt.jpg
bite my hairy butt
Thumbs/tn_boston terrier looks 2.jpg
I'm a Boston Terrier, I'm supposed to look this way
Thumbs/tn_bulldog looks 2.jpg
I'm a Bulldog, I'm supposed to look this way
Thumbs/tn_cats white meat.jpg
cats the other white meat.jpg
Thumbs/tn_cover the jewels.jpg
Joke about parked cars and you'd better cover the family jewels.jpg
Thumbs/tn_dont mind me.jpg
Don't mind me, I'm just marking my territory
Thumbs/tn_drank from toilet.jpg
I'm only licking you because I just drank out of the toilet and I'm trying to get the taste out of my mouth.
Thumbs/tn_fart alibi.jpg
fart alibi
Thumbs/tn_flammable gas.jpg
Warning: flammable gas
Thumbs/tn_got treats.jpg
got treats
Thumbs/tn_he's a liar.jpg
If my owner says I farted he's a liar
Thumbs/tn_I am with stupid.jpg
I'm with stupid
Thumbs/tn_I chase cats 2.jpg
Sure I chase cats. That's my job.
Thumbs/tn_I know it sounds paranoid 2.jpg
Sure it sounds paranoid, but I really AM being followed.
Thumbs/tn_I love the bitches.jpg
I love the bitches
Thumbs/tn_if you can read this.jpg
WARNING: If you can read this you are probably too close
Thumbs/tn_joke brings out the bitch.jpg
Joke about parked cars and you will see the BITCH in me come out
Thumbs/tn_kiss me irish setter.jpg
Kiss me I'm Irish (Setter)
Thumbs/tn_looking for stud.jpg
Looking for a stud?
Thumbs/tn_more outfits.jpg
I have more outfits than my owner
Thumbs/tn_not my cats keeper.jpg
Don't ask me. Why would I know where your precious cat went to?
Thumbs/tn_not parked but slow.jpg
No, it wasn't parked. But it was going much slower than I thought
Thumbs/tn_not shit zoo 2.jpg
I don't care how it sounds... Don't ever spell it "Shit Zoo"
Thumbs/tn_other end of the leash.jpg
See that funny, dirty, struggling thing at the other end of my leash? That's my owner
Thumbs/tn_owner will bite.jpg
No, I don't bite. But tell any "chasing parked car" jokes and my owner will
Thumbs/tn_pekingese looks 2.jpg
I'm a Pekingese, I'm supposed to look this way
Thumbs/tn_pug looks 2.jpg
I'm a Pug, I'm supposed to look this way
Thumbs/tn_rub my belly.jpg
Rub my belly and I will follow you anywhere
Thumbs/tn_shar pei looks 2.jpg
I'm a Shar Pei, I'm supposed to look wrinkly! So, what's YOUR excuse?
Thumbs/tn_sniff my butt.jpg
sniff my butt
Thumbs/tn_so ugly i am cute.jpg
Yeah, yeah... I'm so ugly that I'm cute. But I'm a dog, it's a shame that look doesn't work for you.
Thumbs/tn_squirrel white meat.jpg
Squirrel... the other white meat.
Thumbs/tn_stop staring 2.jpg
Stop staring at my owner. I'm the cute one.
Thumbs/tn_toilet water.jpg
Toilet water connoisseur
Thumbs/tn_tongue like mine 2.jpg
If you had a tongue like mine, bitches would love you too
Thumbs/tn_too many bitches 2.jpg
Too many bitches in heat to settle down with just one
Thumbs/tn_will beg.jpg
Will sit up and beg for food
Thumbs/tn_will chase frisbees.jpg
Will chase frisbees for food.

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